Autumn Retreat

Autumn Retreat


Thursday 04 May to Sunday 07 May, 2017. 

As the days mellow into the fall this gathering in retreat will mark our departure from the summertime foray. It will slow your pace and welcome a restoration amongst the shortening days and dulcet evenings. This retreat is our reverence to the sweet comfort of autumnal faire and genuine company.


Our retreats are housed at Moorabinda Station in the Dumaresq Valley. It’s a beautiful rural property that although wearied by time provides the perfect surroundings for revelry and restoration. It’s located 70km outside of Tenterfield which is approximately 4 and a half hours of travel from the coast. Chartered transport will be provided for all our guests departing and arriving on the Gold Coast. Accomodation is included for all three nights in quaint shearers quarters. These are basic lodgings and single bedding though they will be lovingly prepared for your arrival.

Retreat highlights

Welcome bindle | Upon arrival there will be a beautiful favour to celebrate you’re joining us in retreat. It will be our gift to you and mark the beginning of your slow unwind.  

Handmade plant based faire | You’ll dine on lavish plant based cooking morning, noon and night. Each meal will be carefully prepared with a menu built around fresh organic produce that hails from seasonal offerings. With a beautiful old wood fire oven the faire with be imbued a rich earthiness and the echo of slow time honoured preparations.

Thoughtfully curated surroundings | The setting for your retreat will be adorned with foliage and floristry; rooms will be carefully styled and beautiful small embellishments will add the unspoken touches that make for sincere comfort. 

Foraging and floristry | A gentle foraging walk will introduce you to an array of insights about collecting foliage for installations and decoration. It will culminate in a floristry demonstration by Cindy Hamrey who’ll impart her trade secrets in the creation of a beautiful centrepiece for your table. 

Herbal tea brewery | With all the restoration that can be found in botanical herbs, you’ll have the opportunity to create a blend of your own hand. A carefully weave of dried leaf and flower will be yours to savour in quiet moments of recollection long after we’ve bid you adieu. 

Exclusive ceramic gantry | Tables laden with exclusive Gathering Table homewares will offer you the opportunity to peruse and possibly indulge in handmade pieces for your own table. You’ll be privy to new collections and limited edition works not always available. 

Intimate tearoom | The solitude of tea by the fireside is always a welcome indulgence. At your retreat we’ll have a collection of beautiful readings and comfortable surroundings for your languishing. Ample tea and coffee with the occasional sweet will also be a constant fixture.

Private creekside massage | Each guest will have the opportunity to savour a private creekside massage with our professional masseuse. You’ll be secluded from the presence of others with a personal reservation and gently unburdened of your tension and stress. 

Casual conversations and kinship | Time and time again we’ve come to witness the beauty in candid remark and honest connection, your retreat will be as much solitude for your soul as it will be the opportunity to garner insight, wisdom and companionship from fellow attendees. 

Farewell recipe collection | Upon departure we’ll have a small recipe collection of the faire from your retreat. It’s our gesture so that you can continue to revel again in your own time. 



  • Depart the Gold Coast on chartered transport at 11 o’clock.
  • Travel West through beautiful countryside with brief intermission in Tenterfield.
  • Arrive at Moorabinda Station at 4 o’clock.
  • Welcome refreshments and greetings.
  • Lavish dinner in the Woolshed. 


  • Breakfast on the Verandah.
  • Foraging walk through the Dumaresq Valley countryside.
  • Floristry demonstration and advice with Cindy.
  • Handmade lunch by the Quarters.
  • Afternoon respite; conversations, leisure and perusal.
  • Mellow dinner by the Campfire.


  • Morning stroll.
  • Hilltop picnic. 
  • Herbal tea brewery and advice with Sam.
  • Handmade lunch by the Quarters.
  • Afternoon respite; conversations, leisure and perusal.
  • Intimate dinner in the Dining Room.


  • Breakfast in the Field. 
  • Farewell refreshments and exchanges.
  • Depart Moorabinda Station on chartered transport at 10 o’clock.
  • Travel West through beautiful countryside with brief intermission in Lismore.
  • Arrive on the Gold Coast at 3 o’clock.

If you're wondering on any other questions please feel free to get in touch here or alternatively contact us directly via Our all-inclusive cost is $1500 for three nights of accomodation, three daily meals and all activities.

There are also only 10 places available. 

Please note: due to the logistics involved in planning these events no refunds are available unless you find a person to replace you on the retreat

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