Special Occasion Gathering

Special Occasion Gathering


Sunday 12 February, 2017. 

SOLD OUT - All our seats have been filled for the Special Occasion Gathering. If you'd like to go on our waitlist just in case someone can't make it then please register here. Otherwise check back again soon for the announcement of new gatherings.

A gathering in celebration of love seems to us like the perfect occasion to feast. In contrast to Saint Valentine’s modern incarnations our dedication will instead be a revelry of seasonal produce, rich bold floristry and the companionship of good company. Think lavish plant based indulgence, with a table full of texture and delicate embellishment. It will be lay with our own ceramics and the exquisite works of another local potter to be announced soon. The Probiotic Kitchen will favour us with handcrafted organic, raw and probiotic rich kombucha elixirs. and small take home favours will be our gifted to you upon your departure.

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