Early Autumn Gathering

Early Autumn Gathering


Sunday, 26 March, 2017. 

SOLD OUT - All our seats have been filled for the Early Autumn Gathering. If you'd like to go on our waitlist just in case someone can't make it then please register here. Otherwise check back again soon for the announcement of new gatherings.

As the days mellow into the fall this gathering will mark our departure from balmy nights and sweltering days. In it’s place we’ll welcome sweet autumnal relief and celebrate with a feast of rich and tart flavours. One that takes advantage of the new seasons produce. The table will be adorned with our own ceramics in addition to the works of another local creative to be announced soon. The palette will gain more intensity and depth, think richer colour and beautiful natives. You’ll also be treated to handcrafted organic, raw and probiotic rich kombucha elixirs from The Probiotic Kitchen and be gifted small take home favours upon your departure.

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