Our Inaugural Gathering.

sunday, january 8th, 2017.

"The table gives you a glimpse into a world beyond your own - to the farms and the fields. It teaches you how to weave conversation; to structure thought and to be present. The table seems to be the heart of social sorcery; over it we make deals, break hearts, reason with ourselves and find companionship. It’s definitive beyond our understanding I think." - Samantha.

We were privileged on January 8th to share our table with a handful of women that alone each deserve to be sung praise. We were accompanied by pioneers, artists and inventors - all forging creative lives for themselves. They are our wisdom and inspiration - the fearless. We were humbled indeed that they should join in our celebration of The Gathering Table launch - as we are anything if not the sum of guests.  Hopefully beginning in such company will be a most auspicious as we continue.

Our Mid Summer Gathering.

sunday, january 26th, 2017

"There’s something exquisite in the aftermath - an echo of the revelry savoured. With an endless number of perfectly composed scenes both of my own hand and of societies I think there’s a simple beauty to be found in the imperfections of lived moments. They hint at enjoyment and companionship and the time honoured gesture of gathering." - Samantha

We had the utter privilege of welcoming our mid summer guests on January 26th and it was pure magic. In truth our preparations can leave us weary but once introductions have been made and everyone settles into their place for the afternoon it is sublime. While tending to the meal we caught ourselves lingering for a moment at the sound of laughter and conversation around the table and as it washed over us we couldn’t help but smile.