Early Winter Gathering


Sunday, 25 june 2017. As the year settles into it’s dormancy we'll take shelter around the table for comfortable indulgence. Indulgence in the weary sunshine and invigorating kick of early winter.

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"Small gatherings around the table in celebration of a simple feast, beautiful surroundings and the kinship that comes with a shared meal."

hosted by the botanical kitchen & nest and nettle

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The Botanical Kitchen

The Botanical Kitchen was born of a desire to share produce, flavours and gatherings that are simple and born of seasonal cooking. It’s a growing atlas of stories, travels and cookery that lean into the romance of slow, mindful living and is intended to celebrate the wanderer, nester and locavore in us all. 

Nest & Nettle

Nest and Nettle is the embodiment of living simply and slowly. It celebrates a love for whole foods, handmade pleasures and time worn rituals. As a glimpse into the everyday of Cindy Hamrey and her kitchen garden, it serves to inspire simple pleasure and nurture the beauty that can be found in a community around the table.