Frequently Asked Questions.


What will we be eating?

Both the gatherings and retreats will feature changing menus based upon seasonality and the availability of fresh produce. All plates will be plant based though some will include animal products such as dairy, eggs and honey. We will always endeavour to source organically though if there's a choice between home grown or imported produce we'll take the local offering first. There will be no refined sugars, wheats or GM foods though we are not strictly gluten free. 


Do you cater for special requirements?

If you have any special requirements we will do our utmost to cater for them. When you register your attendance please provide relevant details in the comment section or feel free to get in touch and ask any question of us.


Who else will be there?

Our gatherings and retreats are open to whomever my wish to attend though we anticipate that our guests will share an obvious interest in beautiful plant based food and the wonderful connections that can be made through occasions around the table. No matter your age, gender, ethnicity or belief we would love to welcome you.


How do I get there?

The Borrowed Nursery is where we gather around the table and can be found at 42 - 44 Cronulla Avenue, Mermaid Beach. It is central to the Gold Coast and can easily be reached by car or via foot from Broadbeach South Station. There is plenty of on street parking and upon registering your attendance we will also write you further instructions.

Moorabinda Station is where we gather in retreat. It’s located in the Dumaresq Valley which is 70km outside of Tenterfield and approximately 4 and a half hours west of the coast. Chartered transport from the Gold Coast to the station is included in your reservation so you needn't trouble yourself with travel. 


What time are the lunchtime gatherings?

If you plan on arriving around 12.30pm we'd very much like for our guests to be seated by 1pm to begin the festivities. We'll be serving lunch late into the afternoon, though we anticipate that you'll be sufficiently happy and satisfied to depart by around 4pm.


What if I register my attendance and can no longer come?

Unfortunately once you've paid your place is non-refundable. At our gatherings around the table we will try our hardest to welcome another in your place and if so we will then happily reimburse you. Due to the logistics involved for our retreats though no refunds are available unless you find a person to take your place. 


Do you hold private gatherings?

If you'll have us we'd love to arrange and cater private gatherings for anyone wishing to do so. Simply get in touch with your thoughts and we'll gladly discuss finer details.